Power generation

We deal in power generation using diesel and gas-driven generator sets.  The main applications in this field are (emergency) power units and cogeneration plants in customized versions.

Power generation with diesel-driven generator sets (gensets)

iesel-driven generators are normally used to produce electricity in locations that have no access to the power grid, or where an emergency power supply is required. This particularly applies to cases where safety to human life, maintaining critical infrastructure or data security must be ensured. Therefore, the installation of emergency power systems in hospitals, subway stations or data centres is indispensable. Up-to-date, efficient systems are often installed within existing premises and are subject to strict statutory provisions.

K & W Drive Systems has specialised in precisely these challenging conditions and provides convincing concepts and technical solutions for emergency generators. Whether you require an installation in an existing building (e.g. hospital) or have a newly planned project (subway line extension): we have the ideal complete solution at our fingertips. More information can be found under Emergency power generators.

Power generation with gas-driven generator sets & cogeneration plants

Gas-driven generators can be used to generate electricity alone. However, it would be more effective to make use of a combination of heat and power (CHP), thus significantly increasing efficiency. In addition to natural gas, biogas and speciality gases are also used. K & W Drive Systems is a cogeneration (CHP) expert and delivers customized concepts for cogeneration plants, above all wastewater treatment plants, which can use sewage gases optimally through the employment of a CHP system. More on this topic can be found under Cogeneration plants (CHP).