Rail Vehicles

K & W Drive Systems has a long tradition of modifying and customising standard MTU diesel engines for railway applications. K & W Drive Systems works closely with railway companies and rail suppliers throughout its MTU distribution area, which includes Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. We deliver customised solutions for traction units, locomotives and special vehicles.

MTU engines and drive systems for rail vehicles

We carry out the planning or installation of new MTU diesel engines, complete units and compact MTU PowerPacks, as required.

  • Series 1600
  • Series 4000
  • MTU Powerpacks (Powerpack 1600 Series, Powerpack 1800 Series)
  • K&W adapted MTU Moduls for specific demands
  • Power range from 315 to 3.300 kW


The repowering of existing rail vehicles can be an economical alternative to a new purchase. We provide expert advice tailored to your requirements about possible solutions to modernise your locomotives, railcars and special vehicles, for example in confined spaces (such as predetermined housings) in accordance with all legal requirements.

Your benefits are:

  • increased efficiency through lower operating and maintenance costs
  • significantly lower investment costs compared to purchasing a new vehicle

An excellent example of the smooth cooperation between the manufacturer MTU, the Hungarian state railway MAV and K & W Drive Systems are the four MTU 1800 Series PowerPacks, which will drive the track maintenance vehicles of the Hungarian State Railways from mid-2016.