Fire Trucks

Allison fully automatic transmissions are designed to work in the harshest and most challenging environments. With Allison you can adapt your fire-fighting truck or emergency vehicle to your individual requirements. The result is a precise combination of power and efficiency, which only Allison can provide.

Superior acceleration = shorter response times = faster at your destination

  • Unmatched reliability - engineered for the toughest applications
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved manoeuvrability
  • Less maintenance and increased uptime
  • Easier and safer to use in comparison to other transmission technologies
  • Available with Power Take Off (PTO) and retarder

Smart controls

Allison fully automatic transmissions for fire and emergency applications are intelligent and robust. The cutting-edge electronic control system is continuously being improved to adapt to road conditions and operational parameters.

Smart controls support engine and vehicle integration, thus optimizing operational features that get the job done - quickly and safely.

Service & Parts

For your fire trucks fitted with an Allison transmission, we offer comprehensive services such as repairs, maintenance and spare parts. 

In addition, we supply the suitable transmission oil.